Hello There!

We are Team Originals, a group of fifteen students from the Henri Coanda Timisoara High School who enjoy engineering, mechatronics, programming and most of all, working together. (We get to see each other almost daily even when we’re not working on the project, so it’s pretty easy for us to throw around ideas, talk and organize).

You can also contact us at teamoriginals@hcoanda.ro
Why sponsor us?

We’re really excited to be working on this project and we truly hope to succeed, but we can’t do it all alone. If you want to, you can help us by sharing this page with your friends and, if you can, sponsor us. Since this is voluntary work, so we really do need sponsorship. So if you can’t sponsor us,and you know somebody who can, please tell them about us.

The more people know about us, the better. Sponsoring us helps us greatly to buy items from our wishlist, which you can see here.
We are working hard

Our team is divided in a few smaller ones based on what we’re best at: electronics, mechanics, software, public relations, publicity. Each one has a leader, as does the whole team. We also have a coach.

Even though we each focus on one thing we enjoy the most, we all work together as a whole, making this project a mix of all our hard work.
What we do?

BRD FIRST Tech Challenge is a fun robotics competition with the goal of helping students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles like keeping an engineering notebook and working together. As a team we must design and market our brand, raise funds, and reach out to our community to win awards, not only work on the robot itself, or just winning the matches. This is because the core value that the Challenge wants to transmit is Gracious Professionalism.

Our project

Made by hard working

Members of our team